e-Kamishibai Contest 2022

e-Kamishibai Contest 2022 / eかみしばいコンテスト2022

the Awards / 各 賞

1st Award 【Award Money 3-man-yen】
2nd Award【Award Money 1-man-yen】

最優秀賞【賞金3万円】 (個人・団体)
優秀賞 【賞金1万円】 (個人・団体)

Best Story Award, Best Art Award, Best Technology Award 【Award Money 5-sen-yen】Gourmet Award, Tale Award, Junior Award, Character Award, Bonanza Award 【A season ticket of Tamamo Castle and Chi-zu merchandise】

ストーリー賞、アート賞、テクノロジー賞【賞金5千円】グルメ賞、物語り賞、ジュニア賞、キャラクター賞、金のたまご賞 他【玉藻公園定期入場券・ちーずグッズ】

application period / 募集期間

from May 10,2022 – to August 31,2022

Result announcement / 発表

September 23, 2022

Theme & Rules / 詳細

  • The theme of 2022 contest is “The Charm of Shikoku”.
  • 四国が大好きなあなた!ご応募をお待ちしています
  • 会社、お店、コミュニティのPR(例:コロナ対応情報)は、団体部門としてご応募ください。
  • This contest has “the Application Rules”. Please visit the Rules page. (it is wrote in Japanese, and under Japanese law.) No Contrary to public order and morals can be accept. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 公序良俗に反するものは応募できません。応募規約を必ずお読みください。

Kamishibai is a Japanese story telling with drawing pictures. (Here you can watch examples.) Long time ago, Kamishibai was very popular before TV became common thing. People enjoyed Kamishibai, because it is based on story, and story teller talks before people showing pictures. It is a kind of live show. It has a “Story” in it. We think Story is a useful way for people to understand.
Therefore kamishibai is a useful way as an information method. Nowadays, we can take pictures or videos easily, so not only drawn pictures but also pictures or videos can be used, we named the new style kamishibai, as an e-Kamishibai.
We started the contest of them in 2020. We hope it help to protect local history and lives and revitalize local economy. The theme of 2022 contest is “The Charm of Shikoku”. Have you visited Shikoku? or tried Shikoku 88 temple’s pilgrimages? or Bicycle Trip? If you know some of the charm of Shikoku, why don’t you apply for our e-Kamishibai contest? We are looking forward to your e-kamishibai.

地域の魅力を「eかみしばい」(写真、イラスト、テロップ等の素材を元に作る音声付き紙芝居動画)として表現・発信し、相互に称賛しあう機会です。2022年のテーマは「伝えたい四国の魅力」です。素敵な場所、おもしろいモノ、おもしろい取り組み、話題の人、町やお店のPR、スクープやパラダイス情報etc… みんなにシェアしたいこと何でもOK。地域を愛し、より良くしたい気持ち(シビックプライド)あふれる作品をお待ちしてます!!

We made a poster of our contest, we show the label;AMD 27th Regional award in it. We are pleased with it and gained more energy from it. We want to cheer Shikoku more and more now.


If you are an owner of a restaurant or shop, you can post it on Chi-zu map. If you are a YouTuber, you can post your videos on it. Let’s cheer local economy up and fun!
We are welcome to have your PR on Chi-zu map (It needs fee.), please ask about it.


Apply for e-Kamishibai Contest / ご応募はこちらから

■ e-Kamishibai Contest 2022 Application Form https://forms.office.com/r/dAJ2Bqx38U
■ eかみしばいコンテスト2022応募申請フォーム https://forms.office.com/r/dAJ2Bqx38U

Attention; Before applying for the contest, you need to understand our contest rules. When you post on the Chi-zu map, it is considered that you agreed the rules.
※ 登録申請をする前に必ず 応募規約 をご確認ください。地図上に作品(写真のみ・文章のみ・URLのみも含む)を掲載した時点で同意したものとみなされます。必ずご確認をお願いいたします。

Then, apply for “Application Form of e-Kamishibai Contest” please. We prepare it above. We will send you some information later. Sometimes it takes time because we are volunteers, we use personal time. Thank you for your understanding again.






※ 登録申請をする前に必ず 応募規約 をご確認ください。地図上に作品(写真のみ・文章のみ・URLのみも含む)を掲載した時点で同意したものとみなされます。必ずご確認をお願いいたします

■ eかみしばいコンテスト2022応募申請フォーム https://forms.office.com/r/dAJ2Bqx38U