How To Use “Chi-zu” /ちーずをつかう

How To Use “Chi-zu” / ちーずの使い方

When you tap “Chi-zu”, you can open a digital Map/Chi-zu. On the map you see icons of e-Kamishibais, you can enjoy e-Kamishibai(what is e-Kamishibai?) by tapping one of them.

On the left of the screen, there are genre icons. All, Lives and Community, Foods, Shop, Transportation, Activities, History, Disaster Prevention, Local Event, Nature and Animals, Trivial things, Live Cameras (Vertical order) You can select by tapping one of it. For example, the 5th icon from top shows history, you can select Shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage.

You see many henros/pilgrimage icons. By tapping one of it, you can see “e-Kamishibai video”. The crowded area will spread when you tap. You can select one of them easily.

By tapping icon, you see the information of the place; Title, e-Kamishibai YouTube Title, Picture, Site Page. (Not every time you see all information, if there is only picture or only video or site page, you will see the information.)

Of course you can show the place where you are at that time on the screen by tapping the right top Balloon icon. You need to answer “allow or not” before to use it. If you allow it, you will see the blue icon on the map.

You can scroll screen area with your fingers/mouse. By tapping “+” or “-” icon, the area will become wider or narrower. And you can change the area of map by tapping left bottom gear icon and select the area name. In this example, the screen is “Tokushima Prefecture”.

When you find your favorite area of map, we recommend to bookmark on your smart phone. This shows a map page on Safari app in Android.
Now tap the center bottom icon, then choose “Add a book mark on Home screen” and tap it.

This is the same way in iPhone. This shows the same map on Safari app in iPhone.
Now tap the center bottom icon, then choose “Add a book mark on Home screen” and tap it.

Then you see a message that you allow to add it on your home screen. If you allow it, your screen shows Chi-zu icon on it.
From now you can open “Chi-zu” by only tapping it.