Hi! Chi-zu / まちのデータ地図「ちーず」

What is “Chi-zu” ? / まちのデータ地図「ちーず」とは?

“Chi-zu” is a web Map in which everyone including can post and get information. Chizu means map in Japanese. “Chi-zu” is name after it. And it is fun!


On “Chi-zu” map, you can post your information with icon/Simplified-picture-marker which is easy for everyone to understand without any words. And also we have “e-Kamishibai”, Kamishibai is a Picture-story show, and e-Kamishibai is a YouTube video of it, on the Map “Chi-zu”.

The right side picture shows Executive Committee Chairman of “e-Kamishibai Contest”, Yusuke Kometani, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Design of Kagawa University and our main character “Zu-chan”.

地図上にアイコンを配置することで、言葉が分からなくても見れば分かるようになっています。また、地域の情報をストーリー仕立ての「eかみしばい」(YouTube動画)で見ることで、より深く楽しくご理解頂けます。右は「eかみしばいコンスト」を主催している実行委員会長 香川大学創造工学部 米谷雄介准教授&ずーちゃんです。


When you click the upper picture, our video will start.

To stimulate local economy and Inheriting traditional culture with “Chi-zu”!

By posting local information on “Chi-zu”, it is enable that we can hand down traditional culture and local life to next generation. And posting information stimulates local economy. Our hope is our local areas we love very much stay good forever.

Got An Award, 27th AMD Regional Award /


We got an Award! Japan’s “AMD/Association of Media in Digital” selected us as the group who did the most contribution and digital activities during 2021. The picture is taken at the venue.

We believe we could not get it if many people applied for e-Kamishibai Contest. We want to share this award and continue to contribute for people.

ちーずTube (YouTube)
Why Don’t You Visit Our Chi-zuTube? We have many videos of local fun information and WorkShop Videos.

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